Food pantries getting ready for Food for Families as the need is greater than ever

Published: Nov. 4, 2022 at 4:49 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - We’re inching closer towards KWTX’s day-long Food for Families food drive. The event is two weeks away and local food banks said that the need for donations is greater than ever.

Director of Food Bank Churches Touching Lives for Christ, Earl Lloyd, said workers have been separating and boxing food for more than three months.

“When we’re giving much, much is expected of us. That much is everyone giving a little small part, and that small part becomes a big part,” said Lloyd, adding the need is greater than ever as a result of inflation and stagnant wages.

One of his own volunteers asked for food for his family. “He was a young volunteer that was 16 or 17. The mere fact that he asked for food for the family was an indication to me that if I multiply him by ten, there are ten other kids facing the same thing. When that need is presented, we want to make sure that we fulfil that need with whatever resources that we have,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd said the food bank usually feeds 1,300 families a month. Over the past four months, he said, that number surpassed more than 1,400 families.

“During the holiday season, I expect those numbers to go up even higher,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd said getting canned goods and protein items is difficult because of supply chain issues.

Assistant director of Caritas of Waco, Charles Harris, said it relies on food pantries across the country if they’re short on certain food.

“That’s the whole idea of community, is sharing what you have with someone who may be lacking in a certain area or certain product,” said Harris.

Lloyd challenges everyone to support filling the gaps by keeping folks full.

“It’s the Texas thing to do, it’s the American thing to do, to help those who are in need.”

Food pantries not only need canned goods but more volunteers as well.

Reminder, the Food For Families donation day is November 18. CLICK HERE to learn more.