Central Texas boy gives water bottles to garbage disposal employees

Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 12:22 PM CST
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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) - A 4-year-old in Central Texas who gave his mom quite the scare when she couldn’t find him in the backyard where she left him was caught on video going out to the street to give bottles of water to two local garbage disposal employees.

Kannon Fuller, of Woodway, was enjoying a popsicle with his younger sister Sage, 1, in the backyard of their Woodway home when his mom, Makenzie Fuller, went inside to prepare for Sage’s naptime.

“We had just gotten back from the kids’ school, and I had let them sit back on the back patio to have a little popsicle while I was getting things ready for Sage’s nap. I was in the kitchen and can see out the patio, doing her milk, when all the sudden I couldn’t see him anymore,” Makenzie said.

“I started calling his name and he wasn’t answering, so as a parent, you start to panic, and I ran through our garage,and when I got to the garage, I could see that our refrigerator doors were wide open.”

Makenzie then ran to the front yard where she discovered what had drawn her son away; the chance to quench the thirst of two employees contracted to pick up garbage through The City of Woodway.

Kannon Fuller, of Woodway, Texas
Kannon Fuller, of Woodway, Texas(Courtesy Photo)

“As I turned the corner, I kind of had an idea what was coming,” Makenzie said. “I just see him down the driveway on the street with the workers picking up the garbage and he’s handing them water and fist bumping and they’re talking to him.”

Home security footage caught the good deed on camera.

In it, you can see Kannon handing one worker a bottle of water before waiting on the second worker to finish his job so he could also hand him one.

Makenzie said while she did talk to her son about always telling his parents where he was going, she couldn’t help but be proud of what he did.

“It really makes you proud because I wasn’t a part of it at all,” she said. “It was completely his idea, and he went, he climbed up into the refrigerator to get the waters and made his way down there and as he says, he was confident enough and brave enough to go down there by himself and hand them their waters to make sure they were taking care of.”

Kannon is the son of Cody Fuller, a local real estate broker and grandson of former Baylor coach and current LSU Women’s Head Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey.