Advocate for Special Needs is getting the attention she deserves.

Published: Nov. 8, 2022 at 11:52 AM CST
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Waco, Texas - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us to Waco where an advocate for Special Needs folks is finally getting the special attention she deserves.

“We’re here to surprise you.”, Danny Daniel, Daniel and Stark Injury Lawyers

“Well, you have.”

Susan Barnes keeps others on their toes so it wasn’t easy to sneak up on her. But the woman who nominated her for the Be Remarkable Award, Ashley Vera made it happen.

“She has mentioned off and on throughout the years things that she’s doing. I’ll get choked up.”, Ashley Vera, Nominator.

One of the reasons that Ashley gets emotional is the incredible work that Susan has done for one boy in particular.

“She asked me to come read to her class as an extra thing and I did and this little boy, Christian, slided up to me and he’s been in my life ever since.” Susan Barnes, Be Remarkable Award Recipient.

Susan has seen Christian through family emotional and financial issues over the past 18 years. She recently took on the project of changing Christian’s childhood home into a handicapped accessible house. All this in the wake of his guardian, his grandmother, moving into a nursing home.

“She took a loan out, in her name to make this happen for this family.”, Ashley Vera

“I was brought up by parents that served others.”, Susan Barnes

With help from her two daughters Susan will do everything from washing wheelchairs for special needs community members to donating time to No Limitations or the Challenger Baseball League outlets for these kiddos to experience fun and fulfillment, but on this day, it was all about her.

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