Woodway business offers a fun and unique way to release holiday stress with bungee fitness

Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 10:04 AM CST
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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) - A Woodway bungee fitness business is hoping to jump into the holiday season with fun and entertaining exercises to combat holiday stressors.

“This is definitely a fun way to work out because you really don’t even realize you’re working out,” owner and founder of Jump 2B Fit, Katheryn Pruett, said.

In a survey by the American Psychiatric Association, almost half of Americans say they are stressed during the holidays, and a good way to release that stress is with exercise.

However, Pruett said the normal day-to-day gym routine became boring and unmotivating. That’s when she looked at other ways to release stress, lose weight but also have fun in the process.

“I had a void in my life for exercise, and I get bored in the gym just doing routine stuff,” Pruett said.

She found bungee fitness down the road in Harker Heights. She showed up one day and asked to be completely certified to teach a bungee fitness class.

From there, her and her husband found a location and planned the installation of the bungees.

“It was definitely a lot of sweat and tears,” Pruett said. “We had an engineer come and design the plates because we didn’t realize it was solid concrete, which is great, though, so the beams are solid concrete.”

After weeks of hard work, they opened their doors in June. As a WISD teacher at Carver Middle School, she teachers at school during the day and at Jump 2B Fit most afternoon and weekends.

She said, when you walk in the door for a beginner class, she will get your height and weight to determine how many bungees you would need for class. She said it’s safe, and there is padding to keep people comfortable during their time in the bungee fitness class.

“I have all ages that come in here,” Pruett said. “I’ve had eight years old, up to 70 years old that come in and do this class. It’s very low impact on your knees. It takes off all that impact when we do things. It’s good for your back because you have all that extra support, so anybody can really do it.”

She said she recommends starting with beginner classes at first, and, when you get comfortable enough, there are more advanced, higher intensity classes that Pruett offers.

You can find the class schedule and package prices here.