Dead cats and sheep: Two pit bulls are believed to be behind a string of animal cruelty acts

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM CST
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KEMPNER, Texas (KWTX) - A pair of pit bulls have made life a lot harder for some pets who call the Wells Ranch neighborhood in Kempner home.

The two dogs are thought to be responsible for a long list of animal deaths and injuries.

“There’s loose dogs running around causing damage, killing animals, killing chickens and cats,” said Jeff Mosley.

When the incidents started, people took to the app NextDoor.

“A lot of people [started] popping up in the Wells Ranch area here as well as others that started posting on [NextDoor], almost 100 posts now,” said Mosley.

Missing chicken here, a dead cat there; The posts came one after the other, all asking for the same thing, for someone to control their dogs.

For Wells Ranch resident Pam, this isn’t the first time a group of dogs targeted one of her cats.

“We just ran and tried to catch him but it was dead by the time we got there,” said Pam, recounting the time a pair of dogs killed one of her cats.

This time, her neighbor came to the rescue when the pair of pit bulls flushed her cat out from its hiding spot.

“I captured the dogs [on video], running around the house and they spotted my cat and took off into the woods. My neighbor went and rescued him for me,” said Pam.

Two pit bulls who allegedly killed multiple neighborhood pets can be seen here on doorbell video.
Two pit bulls who allegedly killed multiple neighborhood pets can be seen here on doorbell video.(KWTX)

Both Lampasas County and Bell County animal control units acknowledge the complaints and are looking to iron out a plan of action.

Residents feeling fed up are prepared to take matters into their own hands.

“They’re on their property, menacing their animals, they’ll shoot ‘em. Nobody wants that but then again you have to protect yourself and your property,” said Mosley.

Along with cats, the dogs have been allegedly linked to the deaths of sheep and deer.

One member even posted that the dogs had attacked their daughter while out for a walk.

“They’re afraid to go walking in their own neighborhood. That’s just not right,” said Mosley.

Neighbors have an idea of who the dogs belong to but aren’t certain, asking the owners to come forward and accept responsibility.