Dogs, lamb seized in connection with animal cruelty case in Falls County

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 6:36 PM CST
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OTTO, Texas (KWTX) - A handful of animals have been seized in connection with an animal cruelty investigation in Falls County.

Texas Game Wardens assisted the Falls County Sheriff’s Office and a rescue group called Cribs for Canines seize four dogs and a lamb from a home in Otto Wednesday morning.

“Today was just to complete the seizure of these animals, make sure they get taken and get taken care of,” said Texas Game Warden Michael Ferguson. “Reaching out to Cribs for Canines--they’re a huge asset for us.”

Cribs for Canines officials said there was evidence of other deceased animals on the property.

“I have counted a total of five, five skulls,” said Michelle Ann, President of Cribs for Canines and Heart of Texas Lost & Found Pets. “It’s bad.”

Over the weekend, rescuers came to the property following outcries by neighbors.

“In the beginning it was 13 dogs and one lamb: and when we got out here today, there was a total of four dogs and one lamb that are in pretty rough shape,” said Michelle Ann.

It’s unknown where the other dogs are.

Rescuers say the ones they were able to rescue are lucky compared to the others who didn’t get help in time.

“In one of the kennels there used to be three Anatolians, there’s only one left, so you know what happened to the other two,” said Michelle Ann. “Unfortunately, the one Anatolian had to live off eating the carcasses of the other two, and it was the strongest will survive, and that one survived.”

Cribs for Canines hired a veterinarian to be on-site during the seizure.

“We’ll hold onto the dogs and get them vet care for 30 days until the court proceedings are done,” said Michelle Ann. “It’s going to cost thousands of dollars, we can’t do it without the community’s support.”

For more information on Cribs for Canines go here.

The first court hearing is scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. at the Falls County Courthouse.

Falls County Sheriff Joe Lopez says they opened the investigation several months ago.

He says the owner was offered help but never “fully cooperated or understood.”

Now, multiple warrants are out for the man’s arrest.

Lopez says the suspect was not home at the time and they are looking for him.

His identity has yet to be released publicly.