Lack of water, management response continues for Killeen tenants at Stone Hill Apartments

Tenants Allani and Scotty Malone say they’ve been without water for four days now
Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 8:15 PM CST
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - Killeen resident Lori Keith isn’t the only one still feeling the effects of burst pipes at Stone Hill Apartments.

Last Friday, nearby tenants Allani and Scotty Malone experienced flooding in their apartment, too, leaving their carpets soaked and ceiling caved in.

They say maintenance came by Monday night, but not much has changed.

To stop further damage, management turned off their water, but is hasn’t been on since. Today is day four without it.

“I have dishes that can’t be done, it’s sad,” Scotty Malone, a Stone Hill apartment tenant, told KWTX. “I pay all this money to live here and I can’t even wash my dishes. I can’t give my daughter a bath at night.”

Like Lori, Scotty and his wife were told to use the two communal vacant apartment bathrooms available to those without water.

But they question both the hygiene of this temporary solution, along with the security of it, especially for their three-year-old daughter.

“We’re not gonna go take a bath that 37 other units have to go take a bath in,” Scotty said. “I mean, they’re not sanitizing it, they’re not doing anything like that.”

His wife Allani agreed. “Somebody left a bag of trash on the floor in one of the bathrooms,” she said. “That was so disgusting.

Scotty continued, saying that, “they don’t have to lock the door like they’re supposed to. They can leave it unlocked, they can hide in the closet. Then what?”

When we tried calling the Stone Hill leasing office for a comment, they told us that they are “in the process of trying to fix all of the issues” and that because all hands are on deck, “they were not available for an interview or statement.”

When the Malones turned to their renter’s insurance company for guidance, they, like Lori, were also met with little help.

“It’s not like our insurance companies are helping us out,” Scotty told KWTX. “They’re not. They’re supposed to put you up in hotel rooms when this kind of stuff happens, and they’re not.”