‘They truly are the greatest people’: Central Texans lend a helping hand to those in need during ice storm

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 6:23 PM CST
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CENTRAL TEXAS (KWTX) - From de-icing driveways to delivering warm meals, Central Texans are helping each other as this week’s winter storm has brought ice, power outages for days, at a time, and water woes across the area.

Nellie Tipton, 66, of Killeen, said without the help of her landlords, Angie and Marco Brown, she would have been stuck inside her mobile home with two grandchildren she adopted, ages 11 and 9.

Tipton suffers from osteoarthritis in both legs and says just getting around in good weather is difficult, but adding ice to the mix makes it downright dangerous.  Marco wanted to make sure Tipton felt safe, so he showed up Wednesday morning to the mobile home she rents from him and put out salt pellets.

“I wouldn’t have dared gone down the porch with it being iced over,” Tipton said.  “Marco put it on my steps and my sidewalk all the way to my car doors.”

“They truly are the greatest people that I know,” the grandmother said.

Tipton also said he brought along her favorite fountain drink to brighten her day.   Thanks to the salt pellets, Tipton was able to safely walk to the car and take her grandkids to the store.

Warming centers at community buildings, nonprofits and churches also popped up across Central Texas while many individuals online offered their homes to people without power.

Susan McGrath, of Golinda, posted “Thankfully, we have not lost power during this storm.  For those of my family or friends that don’t have power, you are welcome to come to our house.”

McGrath ended up having a house full.

Laura Brenek lives in South Temple and has been without power since Wednesday morning.

She said a member of her church at Saint Luke Catholic Church texted asking what he could do to help anyone left in the dark.

‘When he texted this morning to see if we had power I told him ‘no,” she said.  “He asked ‘what can I do?’  I said, ‘hot coffee would be great.’   He brings us hot coffee,  a hot breakfast and says ‘okay, I got to go. I have one more lady to deliver to.’  What a blessing to have someone that cares enough to get out when the roads are crazy from all the trees and will bring you breakfast.”

KWTX contacted the good Samaritan, but he told us he preferred to not be named so he could “stay under the radar.”