‘The work orders just keep coming in’: TBM deploys to Temple for cleanup after ice storm

Published: Feb. 4, 2023 at 5:54 PM CST
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - Early Saturday morning a group of volunteers from TBM showed up to Temple. Close to a dozen members helped trim tree limbs on the ground and at the tops of the trees.

The Temple team’s leader James Tindell said they will stay in town as long as the need is there. Tindell said there seems to be a great number of trees that are down in Temple, Round Rock and the Austin-area.

“The work orders just keep coming in,” he said. The more people realize we’re around here to help. The more work orders keep coming in.”

Member Dave Roby said they provide these cutting services for free and plan on leaving the tree limbs at the curb for the City of Temple to pick up at a later date.

“Like I said there’s a lot of people that can’t do it themselves or can’t afford to have it done and we work for free, all of us,” Roby said.

In the past, TBM members have answered calls for assistance with disaster relief in Louisiana, Kentucky and Florida.

“Some of the jobs we’ve been on are incredible with trees on the houses,” Roby said. I’ve seen trees right straight through houses.”

But since both Roby and Tindell live down IH-35 in China Spring, this latest call in Central Texas feels different.

“Oh it’s just a warm feeling in your heart to show your love and the people love you back,” Tindell said. “It’s just an awesome experience.”

TBM plans on continuing their work in Temple through the week. To put a work order in either ask a TBM member if you see them around town or visit the organization’s website.