Central Texas kids playing during Super Bowl party stop and stand for National Anthem playing on TV

Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 5:53 PM CST
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ROBINSON, Texas (KWTX) - A group of parents in Robinson says they were proud to find their young kids had paused a game of nerf wars on a trampoline to put their hands over their hearts and stand at attention during the National Anthem as it was performed during a broadcast of the Super Bowl.

The kids were not nudged by parents, who were mostly inside at the time the anthem was performed, said party host Alicia Williams.

“This was definitely a very proud parent moment,” Williams said.  “I had just walked outside to watch the National Anthem outside on TV and I noticed it got very quiet, and so I was checking on the kids, and I looked over at the trampoline and they were all standing very quietly with their hand over their heart.”

The kids ranged in age from kindergarten to fifth grade at Robinson.

William’s son, Cru, 7, said he stopped what he was doing because he knows it’s a way to respect our country.

A group of kids playing during a Super Bowl party immediately stood at attention as the...
A group of kids playing during a Super Bowl party immediately stood at attention as the National Anthem played during the Super Bowl on TV.(Courtesy Photo)

“Because we want to honor our flag and honor our country,” Cru said.

It’s a feeling shared by brothers Clayton and Copeland Theobold.

“America is America.  We need to respect it,” Copeland said.

“I love America,” Clayton added.  “It’s the best place in the world.”

Fifth grader Rhett Richards said he loves what the flag stands for and Hudson Munn, 9, felt he same adding he’s grateful to soldiers and veterans who have served.

“To show our respect to our country and the people who keep us safe,” Hudson said.

Alicia said she’s glad she has the photograph to pair with the memory she’ll never forget.

“I actually turned around to another dad and he said ‘you know we must be doing something right and at that moment I knew that there was something special about stopping what they were doing to honor our country and honor our flag.”