‘I believe it was a tactic to try and grab me’: Ominous sticky notes left on cars bring confusion and concern

Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 6:14 PM CST
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BELL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) - Several Killeen residents reported having found sticky notes on their car at work, the gym, and even while at home.

Shortly after the recent icy temperatures, these sticky notes started popping up everywhere.

When you call, someone on the other end makes an attempt to sell you a service like hail damage repair or lawn care. The thing is, it might not exist.

People have taken to social media to share that they, too, found an ominous sticky note on their rear-view mirror.

Uncertain of what it was, many people say their first thought was human trafficking.

“Being a single woman with no children, I do believe that it was a tactic to try and grab me or something, and I wasn’t going for it,” said T.A., who received multiple sticky notes on her car.

Usually something like ‘call this number’ and a phone number are all that’s listed on the note.

If you decide to call the number, you’re met with someone trying to sell you a service.

“It alarms people to think there is something else besides the advertising that is happening. Leaving a business card would be more professional so they think they’re more legitimate,” said Sgt. Kerryann Harris with the Killeen Police Department.

T.A. made the call and was offered hail damage repair.

When she asked for a business name, the person refused to give her one, furthering her suspicions.

“He just kept explaining, he felt the need to explain himself, which is how I knew this wasn’t the first call they’d received,” said T.A.

Down in the Rio Grande Valley where trafficking is highly prevalent, refugee services of Texas says if something does happen, involving law enforcement is key.

Killeen police told KWTX trafficking incidents aren’t prevalent in Killeen, at this time, but that it can change in an instant.

“We can’t take things upon ourselves and act and rescue because we don’t want to put ourselves in a dangerous situation,” said Lizette Pacheco with Refugee Services of Texas.

It’s important to mention that these sticky notes haven’t been linked to any human trafficking instances in our area.

However, this is a method that has been used by traffickers in the past, which is why some people are reacting with caution.