Waco City Council discusses possible strategies to combat historic drought

Published: Feb. 21, 2023 at 10:12 PM CST
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Waco City Council on Tuesday night discussed the ongoing drought conditions and efforts to conserve water.

Water conservation experts spoke with council members about the cost of dealing with those conditions, and the dangers of the region’s historic drought.

“We’ve all probably taken water for granted in our lives ... We need to think to the future now,” an expert said.

Officials are coming up with plans to use water from Lake Waco.

Their ideas include emergency transfer water pumps, reusing wastewater treatment and adding three feet of water to the lake.

Experts said more businesses and residents could have to reduce water usage.

“They’re still subject to try to reduce water by 15 percent. But if we hit stage for, they’re prohibited.”

We’re told power washers, ball parks and golf courses will take a hit if that happens, but so would our health.

“Ball parks, golf courses, those are nice. But whenever we may not have water to drink and bathe with, golf courses and ball fields will have to take a back seat.”

Council members said they’re ready to plan for our water’s future.

“Majority of Wacoans probably understand that we’re kind of in an once in a lifetime drought here. Whatever we need to consider in a conservation perspective, I think people are ready to support and react,” said councilman Jim Holmes.

Depending on which plan the city chooses, the pricing could range from $1,000 to millions.