House Agriculture Committee makes trip to Waco to get input on future of Farm Bill

The chairman says it will be the most significant bill to impact farmers, ranchers since 2018.
Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 10:02 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - As the 2018 Farm Bill is set to expire in September, the House Agriculture Committee is making trips around the nation to get input from farmers and ranchers in order to reauthorize the bill.

The chairman says they have a goal of making it the most significant bill to impact farmers in years.

“The farm bill is very comprehensive, and if we do this right we will basically restore a robust rural economy,” says House Ag Committee Chairman Glenn GT Thompson.

Kevin Huffman, a fourth generation farmer in McGregor, says it could also be called a Nutrition Bill because that is where a lot of the money will go.

“As a producer of the country, we’ve got to grow it before we can provide it for nutrition. So the farmers and ranchers need a safety net,” Huffman says.

A safety net like crop insurance will help keep farmers and ranchers out of debt.

“The Farm Bill, crop insurance, things like that provide a safety net where you don’t have to carry that debt with you over a 20 year period,” Huffman adds.

Huffman is hopeful that the bills will accomplish a lot for farmers, but he also hopes that the roots to their problems don’t get buried.

“We’ll get it done. It’s just it’s negotiation in Washington, and once it goes up there you get away from the people that do it, grow it, use it in this community,” Huffman explains.

Chairman Thompson says that’s exactly why they came, to make sure those who have boots on the ground knew the committee is listening.

“Nobody should wants us to that just listening to voices in Washington. I need their voices at the table when it comes to us preparing the next Farm Bill,” Thompson says.

They are taking this national tour in hopes of being able to protect farmers and ranchers, so they can help us grow a better tomorrow.

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