Bosqueville boy throws first pitch amid brain battle

Late Friday newscast on 3.24.23
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 8:53 PM CDT
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BOSQUEVILLE, Texas (KWTX) - A Bosqueville boy did something incredible after suffering from an unexpected brain hemorrhage in March of last year.

Colter Clements couldn’t walk or talk, but he’s made big strides and Friday night he threw out the first pitch at the Bosqueville High’s baseball game.

When you step up to the plate, it might be simple for some, but when you suffered from a brain bleed, it’s a sign of strength.

“He has lots of heart. He puts that into all he does, especially with his recovery and that entire process,” said mother, Jill Clements.

Clements said Colter spent over 30 days in a coma and almost lost him twice.

However, after months of aggressive therapy five days a week, the baseball fan beat the odds and threw the first pitch.

“Last year just prior to the brain bleed, he was actually working on his pitching. I told him over and over again in the hospital that we would work to get back here. And I’m so proud of him that he has. He’s standing and extending his arm. A month ago, he couldn’t even move his arm,” said Clements.

Head coach, David Anderson, said he teaches perseverance to his players often, but he said Colter is the true definition of it.

“It’s huge. It shows the guys no matter what you’re going through, you can always dig down deep and battle out of it and use him as an inspiration,” said Anderson.

He’s an inspiration and an example of keeping high faith.

“He’s proven to us, and he’s proven to our entire community that he can fight through this. And that he’s got a story to share, and others that are fighting challenges in life, no matter big or small, that they can get through it,” said Clements.

Bosqueville won the game on a walk off.

The Clements family says Colter will have brain surgery next week in Arizona.