‘Pimpin’ ain’t easy’: Man allegedly forced woman into prostitution in Waco, received sex payments via CashApp

Aaron Carter, 28, is being held without bond at the McLennan County Jail on charges of money...
Aaron Carter, 28, is being held without bond at the McLennan County Jail on charges of money laundering, compelling prostitution, and possession of a controlled substance.(KWTX GRAPHIC)
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 2:26 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Aaron Carter, 28, remains jailed at the McLennan County Jail on allegations he forced a woman into prostitution and received thousands of dollars in sex transaction payments via Cash App, a criminal complaint obtained by KWTX states.

On March 3, a witness contacted a detective with the sheriff’s office to report a woman she knew was the victim of sex trafficking. In a written statement, the witness claimed the victim became “more and more distant since being in a relationship with Aaron Carter.” The witness further claimed the victim had several bruises she claimed were from work, but the witness believed were inflicted by Carter.

The witness also told the detective she learned the victim was listed on escort sites, and when confronted, the victim said someone else was using her photos and “she had no control over it.”

According to the complaint, the witness and her husband sent text messages to the phone number listed with the victim’s photos on the escort site to set up a date at a local motel. Soon after, Carter allegedly called the witness and her husband “making threats for them to leave them alone, and wanting to meet in person ‘man to man,’” the witness told the investigator.

The detective later learned the victim eventually returned home “distraught” and claiming Carter was “making her do these things,” the complaint states. The victim reportedly told relatives the money she generated was directly deposited to Carter via the application CashApp and that she did not keep any of it. The victim, the complaint states, also accused Carter of punching her in the face five time while they were at his grandmother’s house in Bellmead.

The sheriff’s office detective conducted a search of the phone number listed with the victim’s photos on the escort sites and it returned 109 unique advertisements in Waco, Austin, and Dallas, the complaint states. “I then searched law enforcement databases and learned that the phone returned to Aaron Carter,” the detective wrote in his complaint.

On March, the detective, working undercover, texted the phone number and requested a meeting with the victim in Waco. “I was informed that in order to have the victim come to me, it would cost $400,” the detective wrote, “On March 14, I texted again, and negotiated full sexual intercourse for 30 minutes for $200 ... it was determined the victim would travel to 330 Austin Avenue, where she would meet me and engage in full sexual intercourse.”

While conducting surveillance, the undercover detective, and a partner, observed a Ford pickup with Texas license plate MXB7528 enter the parking lot. The pickup was “driven by a male I believed to be Aaron Carter based on his previous mugshots,” the detective wrote in the complaint.

A woman who matched the appearance of the victim’s photos on the escort sites exited the pickup and entered the housing complex. Moments later, the detective received text messages from Carter, who informed him the woman could not find the condo number provided by the would-be sex customer. The detective also received a call from Carter from the phone number listed on the escort sites. Moments later, Carter pulled back into the parking lot, and the victim was seen exiting the building and re-entering the Ford pickup.

The detectives then activated the sirens on their vehicle and pulled the Ford pickup over. The detective called the number he had been communicating with and an iPhone inside the Ford pickup started ringing during the traffic stop, the complaint alleges.

“I did ask Carter about the phone number, which he did confirm was one of his. He informed me he was simply dropping off the victim at her friend’s house,” the detective wrote in the document.

The victim reportedly agreed to speak with detectives and gave consent for them to search her phone. The detective learned Carter was listed in the victim’s contact list as AC. A search of the phone indicated that “throughout their communications it is very apparent Carter is setting up commercial sex acts for the victim, and texting her what the sex buyers are telling him,” the detective wrote.

Text messages from Carter to the victim also detail the confusion when the woman could not find condo number provided for the building at 330 Austin Avenue when she entered the complex.

The detective also read text messages from Carter to the victim indicating he would “CashApp her money for condoms.” This, the detective wrote, contradicted Carter’s claims that he did not know what the victim was doing. In some of the text messages, Carter allegedly told the victim to “Do yo best performance. Best job.”

In a series of text messages that include explicit and racist language, Carter tells the victim to warn the sex customers they better not touch her until he gets his money on CashApp, the complaint alleges. “Not playing at all. I’ll light this (explicit) up,” Carter allegedly warned in one of the texts.

During her interview, the victim would only acknowledge Carter was her boyfriend, but did not incriminate him. Carter was booked into the McLennan County Jail and the detective later listened to phone calls between the victim and Carter in which the woman tells Carter, “I’m so sorry.”

Carter allegedly replied, “It’s okay. It’s my fault” and would go on to tell the victim, “Say, look. You gotta really, like, mash, you know what I’m sayin?”

The detective wrote in the complaint that “mash” is slang for sexual intercourse.

“Don’t say nothin crazy on the phone, but you know what to do. You know what to do, you know what I’m sayin?” Carter allegedly said during the phone call. Carter, the complaint further alleges, goes on to state, “They really don’t have a case. It’s just the fact that my dumbass had my real number on there, and I should have put a text app.”

During another phone conversation in which Carter and the victim discuss money, Carter allegedly told the woman, “Be careful. You know what I taught you. You know what to do. You good.”

In yet another phone call, the victim informs Carter his jail booking photo was shared on a Facebook page. When Carter asked what people were saying about him, the victim replied, “Pimpin’ ain’t easy.”

“It ain’t,” Carter allegedly answered back.

Detectives claim the email used to set up the mega-personals account used in the online escort sites was Aaroncarter5150@yahoo.com, the same email allegedly used in Carter’s iPhone. The detectives also found a video in which Carter is heard telling the victim to get up “because we need to make $1,000 today, every day.”

A search of Carter’s CashApp account allegedly revealed the victim sent Carter $7,390. “Through communication between the two, it is apparent that this is the proceeds for the acts of prostitution. This does not include cash or money sent directly from buyers,” the complaint states.

Online jail records show Carter is being held without bond on charges of money laundering, compelling prostitution, and possession of a controlled substance.