Adam Gorski sentenced to life in prison in shotgun slayings of wife and mother

The former pizza delivery driver pleaded guilty to capital murder
Published: Apr. 6, 2023 at 6:07 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Adam Gorski, who told a psychologist he has battled rage issues his entire life, was sentenced to life in prison with no hope for parole Thursday in the March 2022 shotgun slayings of his wife and mother.

Gorski, 38, pleaded guilty to capital murder in the shooting deaths of his wife, Kimberly Cheney Gorski, 39, and his mother, Teresa Vise, 61, at Gorski’s residence at the Gemini Village Apartments, 901 Wooded Acres.

A man investigators believe was Gorski called Waco police about 10:15 p.m. March 13, 2022, to report he had shot the women with a 20-gauge shotgun.

Gorski said he was on a lot of medication and had the shotgun with him. He reported the victims were lying on the floor and were not breathing, according to court records.

Gorski, a former pizza delivery driver, said he needed to speak to an officer and would put the shotgun away “after he knows they are real,” records show.

Watch: Adam Gorski escorted out of the courtroom moments after being sentenced to life in prison

Adam James Gorski, 37, the Waco man who admitted to killing his wife and mother with a shotgun, pleaded guilty to capital murder and sentenced to life in prison

“Life without parole certainly won’t undo the damage Mr. Gorski caused his family, but we hope they have some closure with today’s plea,” said McLennan County District Attorney Josh Tetens. “Thankfully, he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars and not be able to hurt anyone else.”

Gorski’s attorney, Russ Hunt, said his client has mental health issues, including a “syndrome” that Hunt said played a major factor in his client’s actions. While Hunt declined to specify the syndrome, a mitigation expert was prepared to testify about its effects on Gorski had his case gone to trial.

“I had a lot of communication with Adam Gorski and feel badly for the situation,” Hunt said. “Kimberly’s daddy, Leon Cheney, was one of my closest friends, and I couldn’t help but think of him every time I talked to Gorski. This whole thing tore up a family. And this was the very best resolution we could manage.”

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara also was a close friend of Kimberly Gorski’s father, the late Leon Cheney, a former deputy U.S. Marshal and a private investigator. McNamara was Kimberly Gorski’s godfather.

WATCH: Sheriff McNamara discusses the devastating loss of his goddaughter and Gorki’s punishment

Adam James Gorski, 37, the Waco man who admitted to killing his wife and mother with a shotgun, pleaded guilty to capital murder and sentenced to life in prison

McNamara, Kimberly Gorski’s mother, two of Gorski’s sisters and a longtime friend of Gorski’s mother gave emotional victim-impact statements after 19th State District Judge Thomas West sentenced Gorski.

“Kimberly Cheney was my goddaughter,” McNamara said. “I was at the hospital when she was born. I watched her grow up. Her father, Leon Cheney, was one of my best friends, and to have this low-down, despicable coward do this to two beautiful, innocent ladies is just unforgiveable. It is just so sad for everybody involved, all the families. You know, probably life without parole was too good for him, but I understand why it was done. Someday, he will get his just reward. If he doesn’t get forgiveness, more than likely he is going to be burning in hell.”

Prosecutor Will Hix said Gorski’s case “goes far beyond what headlines can ever tell.”

“The pain felt at the loss of two incredible members or our community was felt heavily, as the victims of this awful crime spoke on behalf of the family that was stolen from them,” Hix said. “This defendant’s fate almost seems cruel by comparison. That he should live while the women he gunned down should not. Nonetheless, what will remain with me as someone who witnessed the impact on the family is the incredible faith they have shown and the love they have for each other.”

Gayle Cheney, Kimberly Gorski’s mother, told Gorski in her court statement that she knew Gorski had “a lot of issues” and was against their marriage.

“Kimberly deserved so much better than you,” she said.

Marisa Simonton, Gorski’s sister, said her mother was at the birth of each of her grandchildren and that Gorski robbed them of growing up without their grandmother. She said the family doubts they will ever know what really happened that night because “you are such a liar and a coward.”

“She was the glue that held us all together, and without her, we are all falling apart,” she said, adding that if their mother said anything to him before he gunned her down, she hopes that rings in his head “over and over” for the rest of his life.

RaeAnn Crawford, another of Gorski’s sisters, said the pain he has caused their family will never go away.

“Nothing will ever heal the pain you caused us, but I don’t hate you and I don’t feel anger toward you,” she said. “I forgive you, but not for you. I forgive you for myself and for mom.”