‘We don’t have a wall’: Multiple 18-wheeler tires crash into a Woodway business

Specifics on how the tires left the big-rig and ended up hitting the building are unclear.
Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 5:20 PM CDT
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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) - A Woodway business is trying to figure out how two 18-wheeler tires ended up in the back of their building, earlier this week.

“I got a call from my assistant, sounding a little frantic, saying ‘I think you better get up here right now, we don’t have a wall’ and I’m like ‘what’,” recalled Mark Wood.

When Wood arrived at the office, it was just as his assistant described.

Two tires from an 18-wheeler traveling U.S. 84 found their way into the back of the Edward Jones office building sometime between 8-9 a.m.

“I thought maybe they dropped out of an airplane but we found an 18-wheeler just up the road on the access road that had lost its tires,” said Wood.

Wood calls the whole thing bizarre, still trying to figure out how the tires missed everything in their path, ending their trip in his wall.

“They’re trying to figure out the angle that it may have come through,” said Wood as he pointed to what he thought was the tire’s path. “It’s crazy to jump multiple fences, probably through their parking lot and dodge the trees,” he said.

Interior walls were also damaged by debris from the tire hitting the exterior wall.

“Normally, if we were shredding [paper], that’s where we would’ve been standing, so that’s pretty scary,” said Wood.

The tires only caused structural damage when they made contact with the Edward Jones building, even welding some debris to the floor.

“They’re singed into the carpet, like they’re stuck, we can’t get them out. It’s crazy,” said Wood as he kicked the welded debris stuck in the floor.

Of course, nobody wants to see this happen but during my talks with Wood, he was able to chuckle about it now that a few days had passed—mainly because of the mystery surrounding the tire’s path from truck to the wall.