Spare some rain?

Published: Apr. 13, 2023 at 5:28 AM CDT
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The old adage is that you end a flood with a drought and you end a drought with a flood. Believe it or not, much of Florida has been seeing drought conditions for the past few weeks thanks to little rainfall. Yesterday, the drought was ended, at least near Ft. Lauderdale, as a lone thunderstorm sat over the city dumping almost 2 FEET of rain in less than 24 hours. While parts of the country are seeing a fair amount of rain or way too much rain, we’re left with pretty much nothing. There are rain chances returning tomorrow, Saturday, and for a chunk of next week, but we’re most likely not going to see any rain in the near term. The need for rain is fairly desperate but at least we can enjoy calm weather. Today’s weather is quite similar to yesterday’s weather but just a touch warmer. We’ll start out today with isolated fog and with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. Sunshine rules throughout the day with some clouds east of I-35. Highs today will warm into the upper 70s and low 80s.

Humidity returns tomorrow behind breezy south winds and that’ll bring us partly cloudy skies. Tomorrow should be an almost entirely dry day with morning lows in the mid-to-upper 50s warming to near 80°. For cities and towns along and west of Highway 281, highs will likely get closer to 90°. We will have a 20% chance of a pop-up storm forming in Central Texas late in the afternoon, especially north of Highway 84, but tomorrow’s rain and storm chance is highly conditional. We have all of the ingredients in place for rain and storms, but we’re likely missing enough of a spark to get those storms going. If we were to see a late-day storm, it would likely strengthen quickly to produce large hail and gusty winds. We’re likely all missing out on rain Friday and nearly all of us will miss out on rain Saturday too despite a cold front moving through. South winds will shift to become northerly behind the midday front. Dry air moving in behind the front will actually help to boost highs into the mid-to-upper 80s. As far as rain chances go, the front won’t arrive with rain attached to it, but some rain could start to bubble up in Milam, Robertson, Leon, and Bell County around lunch time as the front eases in. Of course, by that time, the front will be nearly all the way through our area and that means the rest of us likely don’t see any rain at all.

Temperatures will drop from the mid-80s Saturday into the mid-70s Sunday as sunny skies and breezy north winds return. The drier air moving in behind Saturday’s front will stick around Monday too but highs will reboudn back to near 80° with morning lows starting out near 50°. There will likely be some rain next week, but forecast model data is very much split on when the best rain chances will arrive as we don’t have a good sampling of the upper-level weather pattern just yet. The first potential for rain arrive Tuesday as a quick-moving storm system could bring us rain, but that system seems unlikely. We’ll cap rain chances at 20% Tuesday but we’ll increase them to 30% Wednesday. We still could see rain late next week too as a larger storm system moves through the Plains, but it’s too early for specifics about where the best rain chances will be late next week be it in Central Texas or, more likely, into the Central Plains.

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