Cedric Marks trial: Marks begins cross-examination of former girlfriend and suspected accomplice

Maya Maxwell stated that she, “was never going to keep quiet about this.”
Published: May. 10, 2023 at 6:22 PM CDT
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BELL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) - Day 17 of the Cedric Marks capital murder trial was today and what unfolded has been long awaited.

The jury got to hear Cedric Marks cross-exam Maya Maxwell, the woman who traveled from Michigan to Texas and back, ultimately giving law enforcement the information needed to find Michael and Jenna’s bodies.

Marks’ cross-examination began after lunch but prior to that, the state finished their examination of Maxwell.

During the state’s examination, the jury learned of Maxwell’s involvement, original cover-up and later, her willingness to help with the investigation.

Maxwell stated that “[she] was never going to keep quiet about this,” meeting with law enforcement for the first time on Jan. 9, 2019, just six days after the two went missing.

The jury also learned tactics Marks tried to cover up his trial, like closing his Bank of America account after returning to Michigan from Texas.

Most notably from the state’s examination, we learned that Maxwell has accepted a plea agreement that would see her serve two 20-year sentences, simultaneously, with the possibility to be released in 10 years with good behavior.

This was offered by authorities and accepted by Maxwell in October 2021 due to her willingness to cooperate and help officials with the investigation.

Maxwell stated, “[law enforcement] did a good job keeping me safe,” while she helped with the investigation.

When Marks’ cross-examination of Maxwell began, she was shown two letters she wrote to Marks while in prison that she didn’t initially remember writing but admitted to the court did come from her.

In the letters, she used wording that stated she wasn’t afraid of Marks but later while on the stand said multiple times that she was indeed fearful of what the MMA fighter could do to her.

Maxwell said in court on May 10 that the reason she rode with Marks to Texas was because of PTSD symptoms brought on by a previous relationship involving a firearm.

She told Marks that she was experiencing symptoms and that he could put her at ease.

Marks stated during his cross-examination that he originally did not want Maxwell to make the trip with him.

She didn’t know Marks’ plan to kill Jenna and Michael, thinking he was traveling to Texas to tie up loose ends and take care of an outstanding warrant.

It wasn’t until they arrived in Texas and Marks had Jenna tied up on the floor that she knew something was off.

Marks later went on to ask Maxwell why she never told law enforcement about what was happening as the events were unfolding.

Maxwell claimed on multiple asks that she feared what Marks could do.

Speaking for Maxwell, he said, “You never told them my boyfriend just went crazy in Texas.”

This brought Maxwell, who was doing fine answering Marks’ prior questions, to tears.

Throughout Marks’ cross-examination of Maxwell, he continuously mixed things up and was asked by the judge to straighten out his story to not further confuse the jury.

He took many long pauses between questions and constantly said “I’ll circle back to this.”

His cross-examination will continue Thursday and is expected to last another three hours, according to Marks.