West Police investigating shooting involving a puppy

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Published: May. 25, 2023 at 7:49 AM CDT|Updated: May. 25, 2023 at 7:59 AM CDT
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KERMIT, Texas (KOSA) -Kermit Police are currently investigating a shooting that happened last night.

However, it wasn’t a person that got shot, but a puppy not more than four months old.

Less then 24 hours ago, Kermit Police found a trail of blood after gunshots were reported.

Once they arrived, they followed the trail that led to vela, a puppy that was suffered from two bullet wounds.

Once the police found the wounded dog, they immediately called the West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff.

A non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing animals in different parts of the Permian Basin.

The dog was quickly taken to Andrews Veterinary Clinic, where the doctors said she will be ok, but is very lucky to be alive.

“As you can see, she’s just a baby. I mean she’s not one that would sound something like a threat or anything like that. She’s just a little dog.” said Charlene Beauchamp, Adoption Coordinator at the West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff organization.

One of the issues Kermit has is that this group of animal rescuers has to drive to different parts of West Texas to get medical attention for the wounded or sick animals.

“The other one is that we don’t have a local vet here. We do have vets that come over. Our vets that we use for emergencies are in Andrews, Texas. Andrew’s vet. Our other vet that we use is ica global, in Colorado City.” said Beauchamp.

Kermit Police are currently investigating and have a suspect but have not made an arrest yet.

Because the Kermit Police is also in charge of the animal shelter, apart from dealing with crimes against people, they also deal with crimes against animals.

“I’m over the patrolling, so our officers are dealing with a lot of dogs. It’s overpopulated in this town, and this shelter is full so we have a lot of problems putting the dogs in the shelter when we do catch them,” said Richard Abalos, Lieutenant at the Kermit Police Department.

This group says they rescue between six and seven hundred dogs a year in Kermit.

Well, the good news is that while Vela cannot walk yet, she is able to stand on her four legs less than 24 hours after being shot twice.

She is still a little shaken up and going through pain but is expected to recover.

The West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff group are looking for help from the community, and if you want to know how you can help, click here.

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