Lake Waco water levels could impact your holiday weekend plans

As of Friday, May 26th, Lake Waco sits at just 71% full
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 5:58 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Memorial Day weekend means more folks are expected to be out on Lake Waco, despite lower lake levels.

For McLennan County game warden Dustin Delgado, water safety will be top of mind with the uptick in lake traffic.

“Usually on holiday weekends the common violation is knowing about our water education,” Dustin Delgado, a game warden for McLennan County, told KWTX. “Whether that’s a vessel violating a no wake zone, or a 50-foot rule for a jet ski.”

These violations persist despite water levels still being below what they should be, according to city officials.

“Our lake level is still low,” Jessica Emmett Sellers, the Senior Public Information & Communication Specialist for the city of Waco, said. “So we’re looking at nine or 10 feet low still.”

As of Friday, May 26th, Lake Waco sits at just 71% full, which Emmett Sellers attributes to both a lack of rain and consumer usage.

“The biggest thing is sprinklers, that’s gonna use a lot more water than normal dishwashing or clothes washing,” Emmett Sellers said. “In addition, lack of rain, so evaporation.”

Emmett Sellers says the water conditions may even impact your weekend plans on Lake Waco.

”So there are several boat ramps that are closed, so that’s something people should definitely keep in mind as they’re planning Memorial Day activities,” Emmett Sellers said.

For those that do make it to the lake, Delgado suggests following a few tips to stay safe in lower water levels.

“The lower areas of Lake Waco have the more inherent risk for objects that are just below the surface,” Delgado said. “So definitely if you can, avoid those areas. I would say the biggest goal is have a plan, have a great time and definitely have a sober driver.”