Kind soul helps veterans in need

This week's Be Remarkable takes us to Killeen where a kind soul helps veterans in need.
Published: Jun. 5, 2023 at 1:52 PM CDT
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KILLEEN, Texas - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us to Killeen.

That’s where Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers showed up to honor Lawrence Rivenburg.

He’s commander at the W.R. Hold chapter 147 of the Disabled American Veterans.

“Healthwise, we do take veterans to and from the hospital or to their doctor’s appointments. We take them to go get food, we take them also to do a lot of things if they can’t get out bed, we’ll actually go to their house and help,” Lawrence Rivenburg, Be Remarkable Winner.

As the D-A-V’s chief claims officer, Rivenburg has assisted thousands of veterans in doing everything from filing claims to mowing their lawns.

Roy Sharp is one of the veterans Rivenburg helped.

Sharp’s now on the D-A-V team, and he nominated Rivenburg for the be remarkable honor.

“We’re trying to help veterans get what they deserve,” Roy Sharp, Nominator.

Though he’s credited with having saved the chapter from closing, Rivenburg is quick to point out there’s no “I” in team.

“With every leader you have to have people underneath you. It’s the people who make you a good leader,” Lawrence Rivenburg.

Lawrence Rivenburb; a remarkable leader and humble servant to Central Texas veterans.

“Being remarkable is one of our core values at Daniel Stark Law and we love recognizing people who are just going above and beyond and pouring all of their passions and time into these projects, so we actually wat to recognize and reward you with a $500 check and donation,” Daniel Stark Rep.

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