100 percent: Marlin ISD superintendent confirms 38 of 38 seniors in his district will graduate

Marlin High principal and counselor no longer with district, superintendent says
Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 3:38 PM CDT
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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) - Marlin Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Darryl J. Henson, on Thursday confirmed to KWTX that all 38 high school seniors in his school district will walk the stage on June 22.

Henson earlier this week appeared on KWTX@4, and confirmed he will act as the principal at Marlin High School next school year. The school’s principal and counselor are no longer with the district after a series of issues involving high school graduates this year, KWTX learned.

“I can assure you that accountability will be taken where it needs to be taken once we identify the root cause,” Henson said.

In late May, the school district announced an audit revealed revealed only five of 33 seniors at Marlin High were eligible to graduate because of missed assignments, unexcused absences, and testing issues.

WATCH: Part 1 of the interview is in the video player above. Part 2 of the interview is below:

The announcement led to a backlash from stunned students and parents, many of whom claimed they were unaware they were ineligible to graduate. Others were upset they were alerted about the issues just days before the graduation ceremony.

Henson on Tuesday said 33 out of 38 seniors had been deemed eligible to graduate. The remaining five, who were enrolled in an alternative program, were expected to be cleared in time for the district’s official graduation ceremony on June 22, Henson said at the time.

Henson said the school district worked with the families of those five remaining students to make sure they had the tools and support they needed to complete the needed coursework.

“They have worked hard for the past 13 years. It is graduation delayed, but not denied. I have a sheer obligation of ensuring completion. It’s not about trying to celebrate before we finish. Let’s cross the finish line and then we can all celebrate together,” Henson said on KWTX@4.

“This is definitely a hiccup, but I believe now, going forward, that the class of 2024, 25, and 26 understand that they are the captains of their own fate, and its our job to support them along the way,” the superintendent said.