Lifelong educator honored for legacy left on students

This week's Be Remarkable takes us out to Hewitt, where a lifelong educator is being honored for the legacy she's leaving on her students.
Published: Jul. 3, 2023 at 10:48 AM CDT
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HEWITT, Texas - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us out to Midway Middle School in Hewitt, where a lifelong educator is being honored for the legacy she’s leaving on her students.

“She always cared about us and never wasn’t worried about what was going on in our lives,” Student.

Miss DeLeon has spent the last 17 years mentoring young students in and out of the classroom, first at La Vega and now at Midway.

“Everybody always remembers her.”

And for good reason, early in her career she set out to be the teacher that she never got a chance to learn from, the teacher that so many of us need.

“I always wanted a certain teacher in my life that I never had,” Stefanie DeLeon, Be Remarkable Winner.

She takes a lifetime approach to education and her students.

“They’re my kids, no matter how old they get, they’re still my kids.”

And her commitment to being a part of the fiber that connects the kids she teaches and the school where she works is no mistake.

“That just makes teaching so much more valuable to me because I am in the community I serve,” Stefanie DeLeon.

But on this day it was time to serve her, on this day it was her celebration!

“Making that huge impact in their lives, in that way, is truly remarkable. We want to just donate $500 to however you want to use it,” Claudia Yanez, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers.

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