Riesel’s “Fireballs” to play in Texas Teenage state tournament this week

Published: Jul. 4, 2023 at 12:42 PM CDT
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RIESEL, Texas (KWTX) - They call themselves the Fireballs. Riesel’s 10u softball team is playing in the Texas Teenage State tournament this week after turning in an undefeated season at 13-0.

Team manager Morrisa Hill says they have one of the most committed groups of 10-year-olds they’ve seen in a long time.

“We haven’t seen many of them this season that show the dedication that they have,” said Hill. “When they get here, they’re ready to play ball and they put their game face on, and stay with it.”

Though it’s not the first name everyone thinks of when naming their softball team, the girls are more than proud to call themselves the Fireballs. Lilly Hill, one of the team’s players, found some inspiration in the name while drawing on her tablet.

“I opened my notes on my iPad and I came up with a little softball flame design,” said Hill. “So that’s how the design came and then the word ‘Fireballs.’”

Head coach Terry Buck says the name Fireballs is very fitting for their squad.

“I think it is, because they’re a fiery bunch,” said Buck. “And you know, word gets around fast, people know when the Fireballs show up, and we get their best every game when we show up. We know they’re gonna try to come and beat us every time.”

In their state tournament this week in Chandler, the Fireballs are the top seed, with very high expectations.

“I feel like we are going to make it to the championship,” said Fireball infielder Taylyn Bennett. “We should win it, but it’s not 100 percent like we are.”

Their real goal this week is to grow as plates and get themselves ready for their future prep softball careers.

“It’s not necessarily about wins and losses at this level,” said Buck. “Teach them the fundamentals and hope at the high school level they do their best. It’s starting to pay off, you saw what the high school did this year, and you just hope that for the next eight to ten years, we’re competitive at the high school level.”

“Well I’m getting better at every moment, every practice,” said Lilly Hill. “Just, you know, it’s awesome to be here and to play on this team and to play with these players you know.”