Judge increases bond for Killeen woman accused of stealing Houston attorney’s identity in fraud scheme

Published: Jul. 21, 2023 at 10:20 AM CDT
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BELL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) - A Bell County judge increased the bond for a Killeen woman accused of identity theft and fraudulent activities to $100,000.

Amber Kaye Morrison allegedly used the Bar identification of a Houston attorney who has the same name to seek out clients for child custody battles.

Prosecutors claim Morrison has kept up this pattern for over six years.

Witnesses accused the woman of refusing to meet in person and would request retainer fees over cash app.

Some witnesses said their cases were never filed after calling multiple county courts.

Once witnesses grew suspicious, the unlicensed Morrison would send pictures of credentials she had stolen from the Houston attorney, prosecutors claim.

The licensed Amber Morrison testified that she received multiple reports of someone trying to impersonate her and had to put a notice on the Bar page that her identity was being used. She also said there were attempts to buy property Temple and in Oklahoma in her name as recent as a week ago.

The prosecution said since the unlicensed Morrison scammed multiple people since being released on bond, they deemed her as a threat to the public and the district judge raised her bond.

In court Thursday, the unlicensed Morrison was visibly stressed and uncomfortable after hearing her new bond of $100,000.

Her defense argued that the witnesses never saw her in person, making it hard to identify her.

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