Owner of Milk Bottle Cookies treats Central Texas teachers with homemade cookies

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Thousands of Central Texas teachers are being treated to delicious homemade cookies as they return for a new school year thanks to a local business owner who said they deserve it.

Makenzie Asisi is the owner of Milk Bottle Cookies in downtown Waco and is delivering around 2,500 of her delicious cookies to around two dozen schools this week because she says they deserve it.

“This is so important to me because I feel like teachers are a forgotten gift,” Asisi said. “With everything that is going on in our world today, they have to be our protectors, our support system, our counselors, our guidance. They have to feed us. They have to love us all while going through every obstacle possible that’s put in front of them.”

Milk Bottle Cookies asked for school nominations on social media, and they poured in with 1,500 comments on Facebook and 300 more on Instagram.

From the hundreds of different area schools nominated, Asisi chose around 25 different campuses to bless with cookies.

(Julie Hays)

The deliveries were made to multiple schools in Midway, McGregor, Lorena and Robinson.

Heather Alls is a 5th grade teacher at McGregor Elementary who got the surprise snack at the end of the school day Wednesday.

“I was so excited to get a treat at the end of the day,” Alls said. “I love Milk Bottle Cookies and I felt so appreciated. It lifted the spirits of our staff to know that someone was thinking about them on their first week back.”

Milk Bottle Cookies latest cookies were passed out Thursday to Crawford ISD.

“Celebrating our educators one cookie at a time,” the business posted while sharing a few pictures of the deliveries with teachers, staff members and coaches holding the cookies with a big smile.

Milk Bottle Cookies, which serves up delicious large, homemade cookies of all kinds, got its start in the Robinson home of Asisi in 2018 after she and her family moved to Central Texas from Utah.

The bakery later moved out of Makenzie’s kitchen to a commissary in Lorena.

From there it moved to Speegleville before getting its first storefront at 218 South 11th St. in Waco.

This is the fourth year the baker has donated the cookies to campuses.

“This will be our 4th year giving back to the teachers in our community. It started out by giving to the schools that my daughters went to from two schools and now we are up to 20 to 25 schools per year,” she said.

The final deliveries will be made next year and include Waco ISD schools.