STEM takes flight at China Spring High School as students learn how to build a plane

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 9:47 PM CDT
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CHINA SPRING, Texas (KWTX) - Students at China Spring High School are doing something that no school in our Central Texas area has ever done, they are building a plane.

It’s not something you can learn just from reading a book, this program is giving them hands on experience that will be invaluable in college and beyond.

It’s all thanks to educational non-profit, Tango Flight, that these students are able to develop mechanical skills while also learning life lessons in commitment and teamwork.

They spent the first few weeks of school learning safety measures, how the tools work and setting up their stations and on Tuesday, they finally got to work.

Jeff Bray is the program director and he says he is getting watch his students dreams take off.

“It’s something you’re not going to get in any other program unless you go to college and get into a specialized program, there’s no other way you’d get to see this,” Bray says.

Currently, every piece of the plane is laid out on shelves. It’s the beginning stage of a months long project and they are using manuals to guide them through the process.

Caitlyn Liles is a junior and she says it combines her love for learning and her love for making things, “I love math and science, and I am a really hands-on person,” she says.

Lincoln Pascual is also a junior and he says the process reminds him of something he spent much of his childhood doing, “It really is like LEGOs, that’s what I said when I joined the class and he was explaining it,” he says.

Tango Flight has brought this program to 10 different districts across Texas, but China Spring is the only one in our Central Texas area to get the opportunity.

It’s going to take them about two years to build, all of the students are juniors so before they leave home they will get to appreciate what they have accomplished. Once the plane is complete, the class will head to the Waco Regional Airport to each get a chance to take flight in what they built.

They are also working to create a mentorship program for these students, where they can talk to those who have worked in the field.

If that is something that would interest you, you can send and email to KWTX reporter Madison Herber,, and she can connect you with the program director.

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