Army’s 1st Cavalry Division celebrates 102nd birthday

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 6:30 PM CDT
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FORT CAVAZOS, Texas (KWTX) - The 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Cavazos on Friday held a special ceremony to mark its 102nd birthday.

The hundreds in attendance got to take a look back at the division’s long history, as well as a calvary charge from the horse detachment.

For Major Tristan lacer, there’s no more fitting way to honor what the Army calls its “premier armored division”.

“It’s great seeing all of the troopers out there with the Stetsons, spurs and sabers, everyone in formation, all the colors, with all their campaign streamers,” said Lacier.

“It’s powerful for older soldiers, for younger soldiers, for the veterans, for the families. It’s really special,” said Lacier.

This look back at the division’s past, may have also lit a spark for the division’s future.

Around 200 local ROTC students got to see the celebration first hand, showing a pair of Killeen High School cadets what their future in the army could hold.

“Just to see all the different divisions and calvaries, it really made me smile and want to join the army,” said Javier DeLeon, one of the KHS students in attendance.

Ashley Calderon, the second of the two KHS students, had similar thoughts.

“For cadets who are interested in joining the army, it can show them more about the traditions that first cav (cavalry) has to bring,” said Calderon.

Ceremonies later in the day included an outdoor movie showing, and a display of war fighting equipment.