Central Texas rescue pleads for help after more than two dozen dogs dumped in Moody

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 5:21 PM CDT
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - The Tiny Hooves Rescue and Petting Zoo is a bit overwhelmed and asking the community for help as it provides care for more than 20 dogs dumped in Moody in August.

Most of the dogs have a skin disease called mange, and one sadly passed away after being hit by a car.

Tiny Hooves Owner Shelby Michalewicz said the dogs were dumped in a field, an issue she says is becoming more and more common.

“It’s sad that any animal is dumped and put in this situation, but more than 20 to 25 little dogs having a health condition is just out of this world. It’s really sad,” said Michalewicz.

She said it took several days to round the frantic dogs up as most of them were running into the road.

Thankfully, a neighbor is keeping three dogs and two were adopted, but Michalewicz wants to see more people step up since Tiny Hooves has more than 200 animals to care for.

Organizers said taking in over two dozen dogs has forced them to reopen their dog intake to save these animals.

“It’s really sad that no one else stepped up to take care of this situation. I feel like a lot of times the weight is put on our shoulders and we carry it because no one else will. But it definitely gets super difficult,” said Michalewicz.

Michalewicz said there needs to be more resources to fully vet animals or overpopulation will become a reoccurring problem.

“I’d love to see more low-cost clinics pop up in the area for people to be able to get their animals to be fully vetted, spayed, or neutered. That’s the only way we can stop this problem of this continuing outpour of so many animals. There’s just not enough homes for them,” said Michalewicz.

Michalewicz said 11 of the dogs are fully vetted and microchipped, all they need now is a loving forever home.

“They’re doing really really well. That’s how I know that somebody did love them at one point, because as soon as they knew they were safe they were constantly jumping on my lap and letting me hold them. They just want to be loved,” said Michalewicz.

Owners say one of the dogs is pregnant and expecting puppies very soon.

Click here to contact Tiny Hooves.

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There numerous options to spay or neuter your pets in Central Texas: