Twins spark joy throughout the community with ‘Rocksee’ the rock snake

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 11:48 PM CDT
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HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) - What started as a fun summer project for a set of Harker Heights twins has now turned into a community wide event.

At the start of summer break the twins, 8-year-old Isabella and Roman, wanted to bring smiles to the community by painting rocks and having people in the community add on their own.

Their grandmother, Patricia Garcia, came across the idea on social media and thought it would be a fun idea.

It started with just the head of the snake, and three months later it now has just under 300 rocks.

The twins have named the snake “Rocksee.”

Although the project has brough much joy to the twins, they did learn an unfortunate lesson when someone stole one of the twins’ favorite rocks.

Their grandmother says they have since replaced the missing rocks and moved on.

They have since begun to protect the snake, even landscaping an area so it doesn’t get messed up.

The family says the project has allowed them to grow closer to their community and they enjoy seeing all the talent in their backyard.

Some rocks are more complex and other are more simplistic.

Regardless of the look, the family says you don’t have to be an artist to add on to the snake.

They hope to keep the snake going and make it a permanent project.