Heavy winds from thunderstorm destroy shed at farm in Robinson

Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 7:15 PM CDT
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ROBINSON, Texas (KWTX) - Many Central Texans woke up Monday morning left to clean up a pile of mess after Sunday night’s thunderstorm.

For Benny Steensen from Robinson, he found his 35-foot tractor shed had become a pile of metal and completely unrecognizable. Pieces of metal are now bent and scraps of metal are piled on top of one another.

”The winds picked it up and threw it 150 yards over here,” Steensen said.

He owns Steensen Farms where tree limbs now litter the ground, a busted window sits on his home and flipped over farm equipment scatters the yard, all due to the hail and strong winds.

It’s a first for Steensen, who has called his Robinson farm his home his entire life.

”In ‘05 we had a really bad storm that tore up a lot of trees,” Steensen said. “Two years ago we had an easter storm, that was really bad. Those times it was mainly tree limbs, this is the first structure damage we’ve suffered.”

Thankfully on Monday a group of his friends stepped in to help him pick up all of the debris.

”It’s what life’s about, good friends help you out in times of need,” Steensen said.

But Steensen is still weighing some different options to clean up his biggest problem, the large pile of metal.

”I’ll just call some contractor with some bigger equipment who is able to cut it up,” Steensen said. “If not we’ll have to get out there with some torches and get it into pieces to haul it off.”

Steensen has notified his home insurance company about the damage. He expects to have a better idea of the scope of it when an adjuster assesses his property in a couple of days.