Waco Mayor Dillon Meek will not seek re-election

Published: Sep. 27, 2023 at 10:53 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 27, 2023 at 3:31 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Waco Mayor Dillon Meek will not be running for re-election.

Mayor Meek announced the news during his annual State of the City speech on Sept. 22 where he stated that he would not be running for mayor or any other political office. He told KWTX that he’s not seeking re-election to focus more on his wife and two kids as well as his full-time position as general counsel with the First Title Company.

”My heart is in real estate, so I look forward to continuing my current job at First Title Company,” Mayor Meek said.

Meek was first elected as mayor on November 3, 2020, and has served two terms in the position after being a Waco City Council member. Before then, he served as a Waco City Council member from 2015 until 2020.

“When I got involved there was so much excitement happening in Waco and my friends and community members really saw the potential that the city had,” Mayor Meek told KWTX.

As mayor, he led the city through the pandemic in 2020 and then less than a year later the winter storm of 2021.

”The pandemic was a challenging moment for any leader,” Mayor Meek said. “That was a time when our community really came together and could stand shoulder to shoulder. I’m really grateful for the team that helped us get through that.”

Mayor Meek said he’s proud that he helped bring new industries to the area, adding thousands of new jobs to Waco. But he’s most proud of establishing a new culture within city council of working together despite political differences.

“I took back on some of the stuff I’ve done, and I would do it so differently, some things I would do differently in hindsight, but I’m so proud of the work we’ve accomplished,” said Meek.

His term ends on May 30, 2024.

Mayor Meek told KWTX he doesn’t see himself running for higher office anytime soon, but “never say never.” He said he hopes that whoever his successor is, they will continue that culture of collaboration he created.

To watch the full State of the City, CLICK HERE.