Specialists comment on Annular ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse coming Saturday

Published: Oct. 11, 2023 at 6:34 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -Eclipses, whether solar or lunar, are a set of unique conditions that create an illusion of the sun going dark.

According to astrophysicist dr. Barbara Castanheira Endl with Baylor university, “eclipses don’t happen every month, because there is a small inclination angle of the orbit of the moon around our planet,”

Dr. Castanheira Endl shared a map that outlines the location and duration of the eclipse, Castanheira Endl explains that it will be the most prominent in San Antonio and San Angelo, but central Texans might be able to catch a glimpse.

“The sun will be eclipsed in here in Waco also it will be a coverage of around 85 percent, but we won’t be able to see the ring around the sun.”

While many are eager to see it in person, optometrist Leigh Anne Green with Green Eye Associates, warns the community about getting caught up in the experience.

Green shares that during the eclipse there is “way too much UV light and UV light is super dangerous for the retina, and it can make small damages to the retinas.”

Green encourages those who witness the eclipse to use proper protection that will block out the dangerous UV rays.

Proper eclipse glasses, according to green, are “certified to be strong enough to block enough 98 99 percent” of light that you see.

Dr. Castanheira Endl adds that “if you have your eclipse glasses from 2017, they are not safe. There is a shelf lifetime of 18 months, so you need to get new ones or order them as soon as possible.”