Classroom Champions: Robinson’s Ryland Pledger

Published: Oct. 31, 2023 at 3:08 PM CDT
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ROBINSON, Texas (KWTX) - There’s absolutely nothing that Robinson senior Ryland Pledger won’t succeed in.

“I’m very driven, type A,” said Pledger. “I want to succeed at everything and I’m always going to be the person that goes above and beyond, and I think other people see that in me.”

As the volleyball team captain, her teammates say she constantly leads and encourages others. Her head coach Margaret Dean, who’s only in her second year at Robinson, says Pledger has played a huge role in her own success.

“She has really helped pave my way as a coach,” said Dean. “She is somebody who wants to talk through the game and really gameplan with me. Honestly, I can give her a ton of credit for introducing me to Robinson. She kind of showed me the ropes from previous years, and we kind of built it together.”

Pledger is involved in multiple extracurriculars, though her most important commitment is the one to her church. She serves at Harris Creek Baptist Church every week and says her faith is what drives her life.

“My mom from a very young age has always told me just to shine my light really bright for others to see,” said Pledger “If I can be the positive player on the court, be the leader on the court, and shine that light for everyone to see, it will be an influence on others.”

“I think we all can kind of agree that she’s the kid that you want to represent you as a coach,” said Dean. “She’s the one that puts everything first and her best forward everytime. You’ll never have to question what you get with her.”

Pledger is on track to graduate as class valedictorian. She plans on one day becoming an occupational therapist.

“I’ve always wanted to work with young kids,” said Pledger “When I found out what occupational therapy was, getting to help kids with special needs and disabilities, and working through difficulties and obstacles in their life, I think that it’s such a rewarding field to go into. It’s so selfless and I think it’s a great way to shine my light and glorify God.

Congratulations to Ryland Pledger, you’re a Classroom Champion!