Central Texas boy who loves ‘all things with wheels’ surprised by multiple tow trucks during his birthday

Published: Nov. 8, 2023 at 5:45 PM CST
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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) - A 3-year-old Central Texas boy who loves “all things with wheels” was surprised at his birthday party by multiple tow truck companies who responded to a Facebook post by a mom looking to make her son’s day extra special.

Ivonne Soto, who is new to Central Texas over the past 18 months, posted on The Belton, TX – City Watch Facebook page that she was looking for one tow truck driver to help surprise her son Isan but what she never expected was the overwhelming community response from complete strangers.

Nearly a hundred people commented and in the end four tow trucks from three different companies in Temple all showed up to help.

“It was heartwarming. It was really nice to know that people even in the community commenting on the post, they were doing this to make it a special day for my son without knowing my son,” Ivonne said.

“We are fairly new to the area, so I was not expecting it to get to this. It’s nice to know there are people out there like this that will take time out of their busy day to see a smile on a little kid’s face.”

Isan had the time of his life enjoying the tow trucks. His mom said he’s always been obsessed with the large trucks but never had a chance to see one up close.

(Julie Hays)

“Ison was able to maneuver around the tow trucks and take pictures and go on them and it was a lot of fun,” she said. “He loved it and I know all our friends and family who came like it too did too.”

Ivonne’s original post asked for “someone in the area who has a tow truck to decorate with balloons and a birthday banner to surprise my son for his 3rd birthday in 3 weeks.”

In the end, Nick Mattson from Wards Towing in Temple, father/son duo Matthew and Riley Jarma from Temple Towing and Reagan Cosper and Michael Ginnis from Rapid Recovery Towing all turned up on her street to grant his wish.

“They honked their horns and went all out,” she said.

Ivonne said it was an experience her entire family, including the birthday boy, will never forget.

“It was a really heartwarming experience to know that these men took time out of their busy day to make it a special day for my son,” she said.