Selfless couple helps hold close-knit city together

This week's Be Remarkable takes us out to Moody where a selfless couple helps hold a close-knit city together.
Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 10:09 AM CST
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MOODY, Texas - This week’s Be Remarkable takes us out to Moody.

This close-knit city - where around 15-hundred people call home - is held together by selfless folks like Fran and Mike Rodriguez - this week’s winners.

This time of year, they decorate their entire yard and house with Christmas lights, spreading joy to anyone looking to get into the spirit.

“At Christmas, I dress up like Santa and I sit up there and come in to take pictures and post them on Facebook,” Mike Rodriguez, Be Remarkable Winner.

You heard barking from one of Santa’s little helpers.  That’s actually one of Mike and Fran’s puppies, who nominator Jessica Wade says has helped them move forward since they lost a son several years ago.

One other reason Jessica says they’ve been able to get through the pain is because of all they give back to the community.

“Well, Jessica was just saying, y’all are always giving both of you, always giving back to this community,” Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers.

And when the married couple of almost five decades isn’t giving back out of their own pockets, they’re doing official work to keep the town up and running.

“I was elected mayor in 2012, but I was a city councilman for first,” Mike Rodriguez, Be Remarkable Winner.

All this service led to a house call from Danny Daniel and the good folks at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers.

“We’re just out here to celebrate the fact that you all make such a difference in the community. And as part of the program, we donate $500 to you because we know you’re going to use it for good,” Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers.

“$500. $500. Well, I wish you had come earlier. I would have donated this to the Garden Harvest Festival,” Mike Rodriguez, Be Remarkable Winner.

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