Alex Bukoski

Producer - First News at Four
College Station, Tex.
Alex Bukoski

Alex was born and raised near Allentown, Pennsylvania. He attended Hofstra University on Long Island from 2014 until 2018 where he got a Bachelor of Science in Television & Business. Alex took a gap year after his graduation and lived in Salt Lake City working at a ski resort and getting a taste for adventure. He returned to northeast Pennsylvania in the spring of 2019 where he took a job as an associate producer for a small television station based out of Lehighton, PA. In November of 2019, Alex was ready for his next adventure. He moved to the Bryan-College Station area where he took a job as the producer for First News at Four. In February, Alex and former First News at Four anchor, Kathleen Witte, won a Texas AP Broadcasters award for the Daytime Newscast category. Alex also serves as a weekend producer on Saturdays whenever he can.

Alex loves sports, golfing, reading, movies, and television.

His favorite professional teams are the Philadelphia Union, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia Eagles... sorry Cowboys fans. His favorite college teams are the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Utah Utes, and he says he's warming up to those Aggies of Texas A&M. A former competitive swimmer in high school, Alex loves watching swimming more than any other sport.

While he'll be the first to admit he's terrible at golf, he's a regular at The Golf Club at Texas A&M. He consistently shoots well over 100 strokes per round, but he's come to peace with that. In his own words, "I keep the price per swing WAY way down."

An avid reader, Alex likes to read non-fiction sports, biographies, historical fiction, and young adult books. His favorite author is John Feinstein. But he'll also add that he's, "a sucker for John Green. Especially those cheesy ones about falling in love." He's currently reading Ernest Hemmingway's "The Sun Also Rises." He says he's getting around to all the classics he was SUPPOSED to read... but didn't back in high school.

But Alex likes few things as much as he likes a good movie. His favorite director is Stanley Kubrick or Martin Scorsesse or Woody Allen or the Coen Brothers. He can never quite decide. Alex says there's no way he could choose his favorite movie but if he got one for each director they would be "Full Metal Jacket," "Goodfellas," "Annie Hall," and "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" respectively. His favorite recent movie is David Fincher's "Gone Girl."

And of course, as someone who works in television, Alex watches a lot of TV. His favorite television show is "Mad Men." He says Jon Hamm's depiction of Don Draper is, "perhaps the greatest depiction of the modern anti-hero in television history." However he adds that "Breaking Bad," "BoJack Horseman," and "Succession" are all equally worthy of praise as well. His favorite network news program to watch is John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight." He says Oliver is an inspiration and hopes to one day achieve a similar level of success.

Alex's hero is his father, Jim. He says, "My dad has helped me set goals, create a plan to work towards them, achieve them, and dream even bigger. I am who I am today because my pop helped me believe that I could do anything. That's something a lot of parents talk about, but very few actually succeed in."

Alex says his favorite part of working at KBTX is the people.

"KBTX is a family. When I first arrived here, I knew no one. I was scared and thousands of miles away from home. But within the first two weeks I felt like I've lived in the Brazos Valley my whole life. Everyone from our production staff to sales, sports, engineering, management and news welcomed me with open arms. There's always someone around the corner waiting with a smile and a helping hand. KBTX preaches community unity and backs it up every second of every day. It's truly an honor to work alongside such talented and wonderful people."

  • Hofstra University, B.S. Television & Business 2018
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  • Texas AP Broadcasters Daytime Newscast award winner 2019
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