Jessica Rajkumar

News Reporter
Waco, Texas
Jessica Rajkumar

Jessica Rajkumar was born in Fremont, California and grew up in the Bay Area with her family. As a child, she loved writing and music, often performing in musicals and orchestra concerts as a violinist.

Jessica found herself in Waco after being accepted as a journalism student in Baylor University.

Towards the end of her college journey, she worked a reporter and anchor for Baylor University’s Lariat TV News, all while working as a bridal stylist.

She completed her degrees in both Journalism and Political Science in May 2023.

After deciding to join KWTX, she hopes to pursue her passion for local politics and issues that surround her communities.

Jessica loves music, cooking all cuisines and enjoys traveling with her friends and family. She also makes an effort to go on one international trip every year, either to visit family or experience something new.

To follow her work or have a chat about anything in your community, feel free to email her or reach out through social media.