Ferrill Gibbs

Director of Podcasting
Ferrill Gibbs

Before he was a Texan, Ferrill operated a chain of Valero convenience stores in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama. He also moonlighted on nights and weekends as a songwriter and instrumentalist.

When podcasts became all the rage, he converted his music studio into a podcasting venture and made a beeline for Texas.

He has created, hosted and produced a whole slew of podcasts, including "Coronavirus Chronicle" for the Houston Chronicle, and also a series scheduled for September 2022 called "Alabama Astronaut," which documents songs of the serpent handling faith that have been shunned by modern society...until now.

You can hear the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or at alabamaastronaut.com

In 2017, he published a YA novel about a hole through the Earth, and the young man who unleashed its powers to save his hometown. The book is called, The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt.

Ferrill also has a rock band. It's called "All The Kimonos," and they've played exactly one gig in Texas: the House of Blues in Houston. (This was for the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing.) The band is still not sure how they will ever top it.

Ferrill has a wife named "Fish" who's a vet student at Texas A&M. The two moved (with their horse "Axl" in tow) to College Station in 2021. They love being here.

Ferrill is excited to work with KBTX!

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