05.02.16 Heart Of Texas Goodwill's Careers in Retail Program

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WACO (May 2,2016) Heart of Texas Goodwill is seeking people to participate in a new training program which will benefit Central Texas job seekers looking for higher paying jobs as well as local employers who need to fill job openings with skilled, qualified applicants. The Careers in Retail initiative is a no-cost program that prepares entry-level employees to move up to rewarding, higher-paying jobs and lasting careers in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Through remedial, soft skills, and occupational training, participants are equipped with the necessary tools to turn their entry-level jobs into mid-level careers. The training portion lasts roughly 9 weeks and caterers to the participants home and work schedule. At the conclusion of training, the participant works with a Goodwill counselor for job placement in a higher wage position.
In August of 2015, Heart of Texas Goodwill Industries began the Careers in Retail initiative after being selected as one of eight U.S. Goodwill agencies to take part in the career-training program funded by the Walmart Foundation. This initiative is built upon Heart of Texas Goodwill’s 60 years of successful job training programs in our community.
Participant, Deborah Harty, has been involved with the program for several months and immediately realized the benefits of the service. After moving to Waco in December 2015, Deborah believed that her previous job experience was all she needed to find work within the community, but with former addiction problems and few computer skills, she found the process more difficult than she thought.
“I moved from a small town that generally did not require people to fill out a resume, so I realized I needed one-on-one help in my job search process,” explained Harty. “I was told that Goodwill offered free services to help people like me who needed a bit of guidance and training. I started the Careers in Retail program, and doors began opening up for me quickly.”
“Not only did Deborah obtain the skills necessary to help her find a good job, we also helped her obtain the proper attire she needed to feel confident at her interview. She was able to find the job she was looking for and has recently been promoted. We couldn’t be happier with her progress since entering the Careers in Retail program,” said Shannon Kendrick-Wittmer, Heart of Texas Goodwill VP of Mission and Workforce Advancement.
“At Goodwill, every door is an open door. I do not know where I would be without them. The opportunities are endless and I hope more people in the community will take advantage of their valuable employment and training programs,” says Harty.