Job Board TV Elements

Individual Job Listing – This 30-day job posting contains a written description of the position’s responsibilities, candidate qualifications, pay and benefits, information on how to apply, details on your company, etc. Each listing also includes your company’s logo with a link to your website. Listings are searchable by multiple occupational categories, location, company name, and key words.

Investment - $50 per listing.*

Bulk Job Listings – With 10 or more positions a month, posting rates decline on a sliding scale. Price breaks occur at 10, 25, 50, and 100+ postings per month.

Investment – based upon average number of monthly listings.*

Job of the Week – A brief job description with a link and your company’s logo are showcased from Monday-Sunday on the Job Board TV homepage and throughout – the most popular website in Central Texas with over 342,000 unique visitors and 2.6 million page views per month. Along with the web elements your position will be featured on the morning news, at least once per week. In addition, we have a featured section on, which will showcase your opening.

Investment - $250 per week.*

Exclusive Partnerships – Ten business partners are prominently featured in a variety of exclusive placement positions throughout Job Board TV, as well as our two on-the-air broadcast television stations – KWTX News 10 and The CW.

Investment – Based on schedule, includes production.*

On-the-Air Television Advertising – Broadcast commercial schedules on KWTX News 10 and The CW can be customized for your specific requirements. Professionally produced 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60-second spots are available.

Investment – based on broadcast advertising schedule, plus production charges.*