Good News Friday 9/1

A group of off duty Waco officers and Taina went out to Conroe and Beaumont to help Harvey victims.
The trip took them double time due to damage, but they finally got back early Friday morning.

Local law enforcement continues to find ways to help with Harvey.
A group with the sheriff's law enforcement association of McLennan County is going to Katy this weekend to feed first respondents.

Oneil McDaniel saved all five of his grandchildren when their apartment started flooding.
He stepped into action and pulled each child out one by one.

The Alfanso family wants to thank all of the Central Texans who helped them during this hard time.
The family came to Waco from Houston just before Harvey hit. The family of twelve stayed in two small hotel rooms.
One man gave them money for food, someone else paid for their rooms, and the owner of Molly's Mexican restaurant in Bellmead invited them to eat on the house.
The family says they'll never forget the generosity of Central Texans.