House Resolution honoring Wilton Lanning

Wilton Lanning. (Courtesy photo)


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mr. FLORES. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
honor Wilton A. Lanning of Waco, Texas, who
upon his retirement from the Waco Business
League, received the Waco Business League
Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was
established in 2009 to honor individuals in the
Waco community that embody the exemplary
ideals and values of society, and have had a
substantial impact on the community.
As Executive Director of the Waco Business
League, Wilton Lanning utilized his wealth of
experience and his love for the city of Waco
to support local businesses, grow the economy,
and foster opportunity. He also serves as
a member of the Board of the Brazos Higher
Education Service Corporation, where he furthers
their goal of providing students and families
with resources they need to make informed
decisions about financing their higher
education and building a better life.
Some of Wilton’s notable past contributions
to the Waco business community include serving
on the boards of Hillcrest Baptist Medical
Center, the Waco Industrial Foundation, and
the Waco Mammoth Foundation. Wilton is a
past Chairman of the Greater Waco Chamber
of Commerce, member of the Board of the
Vanguard College Preparatory School, and
past Chairman of the Board of the YMCA.
Though transcending his influence in the
business community, Wilton has built his life
on a foundation of serving and giving back to
others—a value he learned as an Eagle Scout
and certainly reinforced by his father who
served as a captain in the U.S. Army. Wilton
has been a life-long supporter of Baylor University
and an active member of the Baylor
Alumni Association. In fact, his family has received
the Baylor Alumni Association’s First
Family of Baylor Award. He has received the
National Philanthropy ‘‘Lifetime Achievement
Award’’ and the Waco Junior Chamber of
Commerce has recognized him with their ‘‘Distinguished
Service Award.’’
Mr. Speaker, Wilton A. Lanning worked tirelessly
to better the Waco community. From his
40 years at Waco’s then-oldest business,
Padgitt’s, to his time with the Business
League, Wilton has certainly left an enduring
impression on Central Texas. He will always
be known as a great philanthropist and businessman;
but I am confident that above all
else he would want to be known first as a husband
to LaNell, father to Bill and Robert, and
servant of Christ through his leadership at Columbus
Avenue Baptist Church.
Today, I have requested that a United
States flag be flown over the United States
Capitol to honor the many contributions of Wilton
A. Lanning.
As I close, I urge all Americans to continue
praying for our country during these difficult
times, for our military men and women who
protect us from external threats, and for our
first responders who protect us here at home.