Nov. 8, 2016 Contested County, City and School Races

Contested County Races

Bell County

Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Place 1
Garland K. Potvin R (I)
Claudia Brown D

Bosque County

County Judge
Don Pool R
Albert Hunter D

County Treasurer (Unexp. Term)
Carla Sigler R
Julie Graham Tremillo D


County Commissioner Pct. 1
Andy Bonner R
Gerald Manning WI

County Commissioner Pct. 3
Michael Daniels R
Cooper Daniel WI


District Clerk
Cody Reed R
Edith Wagner Harrison IND


Joey Sullivan R
Chris Johnson WI


County Commissioner Pct. 3
Will Jones I (R)
David Reichert LIB

Contested City-School Races


School Board at large 3 seats
Joe “Scooter” Bays
James Caldwell I
Ricky L. Stecher I
Brian Frankum I


School Board at large, 3 seats
Slade Rodriguez
Donald Pruitt, Jr. I
Virginia Salas
Jack Landrum I
Rebecca Maxey
James Jones I

Copperas Cove

City Council Place 3
Victor Dery
Dan Yancey
Chuck Taylor

City Council Place 4
Jay Manning
Gary Kent
Clarence Enochs
Terry McDonald

City Council Place 5
Kirby Lack
Marc Payne

Prop. 1: Alcoholic beverage sales

Prop. 2: Sales tax for street maintenance


City Council Ward 2, Place 4
Jack Doyle
Mike Riddle

School Board at large, 2 seats
Buddy Cuevas
Cheyenne Kizer
Mary Anne Leib


School Board at large, 3 seats
Lloyd Wayne Kuykendall
Jason Gray
Dean Frailey
Shane Waller


City Council at large, 2 seats
Tina Eaton
T. D. “Red” Watkins
Charleen Dowell I
John Carpenter

School Board at large, 3 seats
Leann Sanchez
Jeff Dean I
Justin L. Foster I
Carol Haas I


City Council Place 3
Aurelia Ridley
George French III


Alderman, at large, three seats
Sherry Standridge
Lauren Seymour
Tommy Norwood
Brenda Williams
Mike Homan


City Council at large, 2 seats
Phyllis Koester I
Ray Wornat
Deanna L. Mulsow
Jeff Tanner

Prop. 1: 0.25 percent sales tax for street repair and maintenance

School Board at large, 2 seats
Ben Saage
Ruth Anne Schroder
Adam Benton
Mike Searight I
Kooper Sjolander
Leigh Ann Holloway
Chris Dieterich I


Mixed drink sales

School Board Place 3
Barry Gann
Danielle M. Williams


Royce Spivey
Marla Wallace WI

City Council Ward 2
Andrea “Andy” Wright
Fran Hargrove

City Council Ward 3
Sherri Baker Jumphrey
Debra Kimble
City Council Ward 1 (Unexpired term)
O.C. Hyde
Katrina Whitfield


Prop 1: $12 million school bond issue


City Council at large, 3 seats
Jack Barber
Steve Vanek I
Brian Muska I
Chreyl Marak I

Prop. 1, use of 1/8th cent of sales tax rate for economic development