Time to Rescan! New KWTX Channel Coming in 2020

KWTX is proud to announce that we are expanding our channel line-up effective January 1st, 2020.

On January 1st, 2020 we will be adding "Circle", a channel dedicated to celebrating country music and the country lifestyle on KNCT Ch. 46.2.

If you use an antenna, you will need to perform a new channel or program scan on your television before you'll find the new channels.

How to Perform a Channel Scan

KWTX Over-the-Air Line-Up

CBS - 10.1 (Network Info: CBS.com)
Telemundo - 10.2 (Network Info: Telemundo.com)
MeTV - 10.3 (Network Info: MeTV.com)

KNCT Over-the-Air Line-Up

CW Network - 46.1 (Network Info: CWTV.com)
Circle - 46.2 (Network Info: InTheCircle.com) NEW
Start TV - 46.3 (Network Info: StartTV.com)
To Be Announced - 46.4