'After West Forever Forward'

KWTX produced the documentary “ After West Forever Forward” that aired on the first anniversary of the West fertilizer plant explosion and we’ve reposted it here.


The powerful explosion at West Fertilizer, Co. left 15 dead, injured about 200 and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes and buildings including a nursing home, a two-story apartment building and three of four of West’s schools.

Fallen first responders

Morris Bridges, Jr., 41, West Volunteer Fire Department.

Perry Calvin, 37, Mertens and Navarro Mills volunteer fire departments.

Jerry Chapman, 26, Abbott Volunteer Fire Department.

Cody Dragoo, 50, West Volunteer Fire Department.

Kenneth "Luckey" Harris, Jr., 52, Dallas Fire-Rescue captain.

Jimmy Matus, 52, West Volunteer Fire Department.

Joey Pustejovsky, Jr., 29, West Volunteer Fire Department. He served as West’s city secretary.

Cyrus Reed, 29, Abbott Volunteer Fire Department.

Kevin Sanders, 33, Bruceville-Eddy Volunteer Fire Department.

Doug Snokhous, 50, West Volunteer Fire Department.

Robert Snokhous, 48, West Volunteer Fire Department.

William "Buck" Uptmor, Jr., 45, a West resident who owned Uptmor Welding and Construction. He was killed while helping herd horses away from the plant.

Residents who died

Adolph Lander, 96, resident of West Rest Haven Nursing Home. He died of trauma from the blast a day after the explosion.

Mariano C. Saldivar, 57. He lived in the apartment complex next to the plant.

Judith Monroe, 65. She was in the apartment complex next to the plant at the time of the explosion.