Central Texas mom saves daughter’s life in near drowning incident

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 6:49 AM CDT
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Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children from unintentional injury and Central Texas mom, Melissa Garcia beat those odds by saving her daughter’s life who nearly drowned in a pool.

Three years ago Melissa Garcia experienced a parent’s biggest fear, she found her three-year-old-daughter Maddie face down in a pool.

"It was a scary day and it still lives with me every day," Garcia said.

Garcia says she was at the pool with her children, when her newborn baby needed to be fed and within seconds her daughter was drowning.

“I yanked her up I pulled her arm out of the water and she was just limp, blue and cold, she was just not there," Garcia said.

It was a sight every parent hopes to never see, panicked and fearful Garcia began to perform CPR.

“Those short minutes from the time it happens, to the time medics arrive, those minutes make a huge difference if someone can step up and take action it will make a huge difference,” Garcia said.

Doctors told her those minutes she performed CPR saved her daughter’s life.

Although many attribute her as a hero, she does not believe she is.

“I struggle with PTSD and depression because of dealing with the guilt from that day sometimes I do struggle will have nightmares and flash backs,” Garcia said.

Three years later Maddie is now healthy and ready for summer but as pool season begins Garcia continues to advocate for every parent to be CPR certified.

"As much as we say that will never happen to me it can because I thought the same thing,” Garcia said.

Classes are offered at the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the YMCA.

Find a class with the American Heart Association Training Network here:

Learn Hands-Only CPR for free here:

At American Red Cross you can register for CPR classes costing anywhere from $80 to over $100 but if you volunteer for more than 25 hours you are offered free CPR training.

You can also contact your local YMCA for class availability.

Remember with just a couple hours of training one can save a life within minutes.

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