Game wardens help rescue two from area lake

(Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept./file)
(Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept./file)(KWTX)
Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 1:50 PM CDT
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State game wardens in Central Texas had a busy month in May that included rescuing two kayakers at Lake Belton and filing game law violations against anglers and hunters in both Bell and McLennan counties.

In Bell County a game warden, at the very end of his day, was notified of a rescue that was underway in Lake Belton that involved a woman who had capsized a kayak and was clinging to the boat, unable to right it and get back inside.

The kayak was floating farther from the shoreline as the warden arrived and the woman and a male friend already had been rescued and were on the way to a hospital.

The warden reported both still were wearing their personal flotation devices and that, he said "saved their lives."

The man later told the warden that he had always been made fun of for wearing his PFD while kayaking, but noted that wearing them undoubtedly saved two lives that evening.

Also on Lake Belton a warden cleaned up over 40 improperly marked or derelict juglines along the north end of the lake.

Even at that the warden was forced to leave many juglines behind because the ones he'd recovered filled his boat.

"As a result of his clean-up effort, one 20" and one 16" blue catfish were returned to the lake," a TPWD news release said.

"Multiple citations were issued to all individuals identified with illegal juglines," and "More patrols will be scheduled to pick up remaining equipment and citations will be issued."

Then up the road in McLennan County wardens began an investigation based upon social media postings about a hunter who boasted about shooting ducks over the limit and wounding several more.

"The same individual had been cited earlier in 2020 for duck hunting a week early," the release says.

The hunter eventually was located after he contacted his mother.

Wardens presented the subject with the Facebook post, he confessed to shooting four red heads and two mallards over the limit the day the post was made.

He also told wardens there was a second individual with him that day that shot two mallards and three Wigeons over his limit.

"Contact was made with the second subject and he also complied, giving a full confession," the release says.

Both claimed they read the Outdoor Annual incorrectly. Citations were issued and restitution was assigned.

While patrolling around Lake Somerville, a Washington County game warden noticed a vehicle parked in the road with its flashers on.

"When the warden approached the vehicle, he noticed that the subject inside had fallen asleep. Upon waking the person, the warden asked him to step out of the vehicle, revealing a meth pipe in plain view."

"The subject was then detained, and a search was performed on the vehicle. The search turned up almost 6 grams of suspected meth, tablets of suspected Xanax and marijuana, along with multiple forms of paraphernalia."

The man was taken into custody and multiple citations were issued.

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