Habitat for Humanity breaks ground on Temple veterans community

Photo by Tianna Jenkins
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity held its groundbreaking ceremony Saturday morning for its new Temple veterans community.

An empty lot on the end of West Hope Street will soon be a community some veterans will call home.

The project aims to fix the homeless veteran issue in Central Texas.

Dozens gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony and to be a part of the life-changing project.

Ken Cates is the CEO of Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity.

His heart has been in the project since he wrote the idea down on a white piece of paper.

After partnering with the City of Temple, Patterson of Patco Construction and many others the idea is finally becoming a reality.

"I'm a humble man and I try to keep things simple, but man to have the turnout that we had here was amazing," Cates said.

"We are setting the standard here for others to follow."

The community will consist of 13 duplexes that will provide homes for 26 veterans.

"These guys and gals are going to have a home of their own," Cates said.

Veterans will have to go through a process to be selected to live in the community and will pay a mortgage, but at a reduced rate.

"It's not a handout it's a hand up," Cates said.

The community will be named after Lee Crossley.

A veteran who passed away in 2014.

He had a passion for veterans and revitalizing Temple.

Sonjanette Crossley is his widow. He continues the work that Lee started and was shocked his widow was shocked when they told her.

"God can give you favor with people without you having to run them down," she said.

"it just humbled me and honored me and brought tears to my eyes each time I think about it."

Now that the ground has been broken the building will begin.

Cates said they are pushing to be done with the project in Dec. 2018.

He's challenging everyone in Central Texas to step up and be a part of something that will change lives.